Be Sassy!


‘Who is she to judge you. Who is he to tell you you are overweight. Who are they to tell you you aren’t going to succeed if you go into a certain business. Who are they to say it isn’t good enough. That you aren’t good enough. Who the hell are they to have a say in the choices you make.’

Criticism. The expression of disapproval of someone or something. Humans usually criticise each other because they are simply jealous of one another. Or because they grew up with a different set of beliefs than others and their morals differ. It doesn’t actually matter what the reason is for their critic. The fact is, that they are criticising. And that is a disgusting thing to do. But hey girl, you are not going to let these critics step into your frame of reality. Because their disgusting habit doesn’t say anything about you. It only  reflects on them. And so, you are not going to change who you are just to satisfy others and make them feel in power, make them feel like they can manipulate you. No. You will be who you are on your terms and you will own it. Even flaunt it!PicMonkey Collage

Wear the clothes you feel good in. Style your hair the way you like it. Wear the makeup that boosts your confidence. Or don’t wear makeup at all. Be who you want to be. Express it in whatever way you want to express it in. Wear your confidence itself like makeup! 


You don’t want to be a people pleaser. So just roll your eyes at the criticism because at the end of the day only you are the one living in your skin. You are the one that has to walk around in your shoes. So make it a good experience for yourself to walk in those shoes. Be happy with yourself. If there is something you don’t like, change it. Self-reflection is just as important as self-respect and self-love. So reflect on your decisions, your choices and your attitude. Change whatever you don’t like, keep whatever you do like, and not because it will satisfy others, but because it will satisfy you. 

tumblr_nj881xSuQO1qa4iv8o1_500Love who you are. And only keep people in your life who love you for who you are. Eliminate all the criticism from your life by eliminating the people who bring you don’t, who constantly make you feel like you are not good enough, and who try to change you. It is okay to get out of negative relationships. There will always be new people coming into your life. By ending your relationships where you don’t feel good enough or  don’t feel that you can really be yourself, you are closing a door to have a new one opened. And that new door that opens will present to you better, more positive relationships. So don’t be afraid. Stand up for yourself. Working on yourself doesn’t mean changing you who are, but accepting who you are.

Go on, tell yourself what you are. Sassy.

Stay like that ❤


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