What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be me? How do my answers to these questions differ from another person’s? From yours? 


All they told me was to question everything. So here I am, questioning you. No, not you. But her. And him. And you. Yes, you, but really, not you. But you all.

What’s it like to be you? What’s it like to live in your body? Are you open-minded? How much, compared to me? Do you compare yourself to others? Do you compare yourself to me? Do you yourself question things? Do you question yourself? Do you listen when people talk to you or do you also hear what you are listening to? Do you listen with your body? Or are you continuously thinking while listening? Does your mind make up stories? Do you think you overthink? Do you have control over your thinking? How often do you catch yourself unconsciously thinking? I mean, do you always know when you are thinking? Or do you just think and then catch yourself in the act of thinking? Do you judge? Why do we judge? What would our world look like if no one judged? If no one or their work were every judged? If you never judged? And if there were no jealousy? What’s your point of view on jealousy? Are you jealous of others? Are they jealous of you? Are you jealous of me? 


Do you think there is a parallel universe? Which one of the two do you think is ours? What is the universe? How did it come into existence? If we become extinct, will the universe cease too? When will that be? What will be then? Will there be? Or will there not be? Are you understanding me? Do you always understand yourself? What’s the craziest thought you had? What’s one think you thought about too long? Were there consequences? What’s it like to think about thinking? Can you think about what it would be like if you had special powers? Would you consider your current abilities special powers? Isn’t it special, isn’t weird, isn’t it crazy that you are living? What is living to you? Do you feel living? Can you know living? When was the last time that time flew by while you were enjoying yourself? What’s you view on time? Do you think you perceive time differently than me? Would you want to relive time? If you could, would you control time? Which way would you go the very first time: back into the past or forward into the future? What does it mean to be present? Is your experience of being present similar to mine? What are you thinking about right now? Can you feel your thoughts think?


Can you answer all of these questions? And then can you say why? Why not? Don’t overthink it. I don’t think overthinking is good for us. You should just…

…Stay sassy ❤


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