June 2nd, 2016

There’s something about endings. I can’t quite find the word for it. Every ending is a new beginning for something. Beginnings can be exciting but also nerve wracking. It’s all new, a new territory of life. It’s scary. And endings are sad. Getting used to something gives comfort. With endings, this comfort is taken away. I don’t like this feeling. Graduation is like a breakup with your college years. A breakup: with a heartache, a confused head, an aching stomach. I don’t like endings. They are preposterous. Saying goodbye to people is the worst. Yes, sure, there’s the phone, there’s FaceTime, okay! But it isn’t the same. I can’t hug the person through the screen! I can’t kiss him through the screen! It’s like jail. A barrier from the love of your life is built. It sucks. Is this a kind of beginning I’m supposed to look forward to?


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